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    WARNING:  Housing Pirates

    Please be aware that you may receive phone calls or emails from organizations who will claim to be calling on behalf of the ICNMD 2016 Congress and will offer discounted hotel rates to delegates in Toronto, Canada. They will request a contract and payment information from you to take advantage of their alleged discounts.

    These companies are NOT affiliated with the Congress and you should not, under any circumstances, provide them with your payment information.

    Should you have booked with one of these organizations, please inform the Registration & Housing Department of ICNMD 2016 at ICNMD2016-Registration at

    Housing-Bureau imageThe Congress Secretariat (International Conference Services Ltd.) is the official housing bureau for ICNMD 2016 and is offering assistance with the coordination of housing requirements for the Congress. Special rates and added complimentary amenities will only be available to delegates and exhibitors who book through the Congress Secretariat.

    You will have the opportunity to book your rooms with the Congress Secretariat when registering for the Congress. You will not be asked to book your room on the phone and you will not be asked for a 30% deposit upon booking.

    The ICNMD 2016 Congress and its supporting organizations cannot meet the contracted room obligations if sponsors, exhibitors and delegates book outside the block of the official housing bureau. Rooms that are not filled because of that create an expense for the Congress in form of financial penalties (attrition charges) and place the financial success of the Congress at risk, which increases with each delegate, exhibitor and sponsor not booking through the official housing bureau.

    Housing Pirates List

    If you are contacted by phone by one of the following companies, please note that these are likely FRAUDULENT companies that will steal your credit card:

    What To Do If You Have Been Scammed?

    • We would advise you to inform your credit card company as soon as possible as it is possible to dispute the credit card charge. 
    • Book a room directly through our website as the Housing Pirates will likely NOT have made any reservations for you.

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